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Bluetooth neckloop now is powered by new 4 Watt audio amplifier and now offers more powerful output audio signals.Bluetooth module v4.0 allows you to pause/play even change songs by simply click buttons. Built-in 700mAh rechargeable battery provide extra talk time.Super mini earpiece made by rare earth magnetic materials. Around the size of rice for stealthy use. It does not need a battery and it works with the neckloop amplifiers.Magnetic earpiece made of high quality of neodymium. NdFeB earpiece's low price makes it very affordable.The NdFeB super mini magnetic earpiece is the smallest earpiece in the world to provide wireless covert conversation functions.

Quick Start Invisible Earpiece - Earphone:

Step 1> Load Earpiece
Open plastic box and in the sponge will find four magnets - two small and two big.
Use two smaller magnets, together like one earpiece.
Note: You can use two smaller magnets or two smaller magnets + one bigger magnet, together.

Step 2> Wear Earpiece
1> Clean ear canal by cotton swab.
2> Put earpiece into canal deeply until its invisible.

Quick Start Bluetooth Neckloop - Black or Beige Color:

Step 1> Pair with mobile phone
A. Put Bluetooth neckloop in pairing mode
1) With the Bluetooth neckloop power off, press and hold Bluetooth switch for 6-10 seconds until indicator turn on and flash rapid at blue.
2) If Bluetooth is switched on or indicator flashing, press and hold Bluetooth switch for 5 seconds to turn off Bluetooth, then repeat above step 1).

B. Put Mobile phone in pairing mode
1) Go to mobile phone panel, turn on Bluetooth function and search for new Bluetooth device.
2) Select Bluetooth Device then press OK or YES.
3) Enter password 0000 and press OK.
* Once paired, indicator change from flashing to blue. Some mobile phone need to connect manually after paired.

Step 2> Wear the neckloop
Hang the neckloop around the neck.
Can also put neckloop in coat pocket or put on legs when you are site down to drive sensitive earpiece, sexecute magnet earpiece. At magnet earpiece, the loop must be at your neck.

Step 3> Test and use neckloop
Once connected to mobile phone you should be able to hear any audio within your earpiece (Please check how to use earpiece in manual of earpiece). The volume can be adjusted via the volume control on the neckloop. The Bluetooth neckloop has a number of buttons all providing different functions.

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