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Hi Fi sound quality, HIFI class music enjoyment, waterproof technology, intelligent and compatible Bluetooth, perfectly compatible with the popular APP in the market.Make sure your body sweats after a lot of exercise.The lumen transition of the lumen reduces the distortion and distortion of reflection and sound during transmission, which is true, providing pure output for music.Ergonomic design, the use of soft silicone ear, wearing more comfortable.Large capacity battery, free cable, longer voice, built-in high-definition microphone, noise elimination technology.

Product parameters: battery capacity: 90 Ma

Plan: CSR8635,

Play time: 5 hours, standby time: 120 hours

The call time is 8 hours, and the charging time is 1-2 hours.

Weight: single 15.8g,

Packing weight: 88g. Size: 150 * 92 * 30 mm

Link distance: 10 meters without obstacle

Matching method: in the state of the Bluetooth headset shutdown, always press the boot button, just start the red light flicker, do not let go until the red light and blue light flicker alternately (the red light is slowly flickering is wrong), let go, this process is about 6-8 seconds. Then you can use Bluetooth to search for it.

It supports all phones, computers and tablet computers with Bluetooth stereo connection.

The Bluetooth headset is paired with the computer, you can listen to all kinds of audio of the computer. You can use voice chat to realize wireless QQ, MSN and SKYPE.

Compatible with Iphone4 (IOS), Symbian (Spain), Android (Android) and other mainstream mobile phone systems. For example, support apple iPhone, iPad, iTouch series products of Samsung, HTC, NOKIA, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and other all mobile phones are not online, as long as there is Bluetooth stereo function, all support to listen to the music to ~ ~ ~ ~

Feng-Bin BT-1 Movement Bluetooth Headset Factory Direct Sale New Big Horn 4 1 Stereophonic Explosion Wireless Sports Headset Color Green JSJBDTWYH

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