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From the start...

After blowing the whistle on police corruption in London, Dominic ‘Nicky’ Cole’s superiors have hime relocated to Newcastle. There, the detective sergeant finds himself stuck on a permanent night shift, working across all departments: homicide, robbery and vice--with colleagues who seem determined to see him fail.

Having dragged his uncle Errol and seven year-old nephew Matty with him to the predominantly white North East, Nicky attempts to come to terms with his career change. Although hampered by suspicious colleagues, he finds a surprising ally in Sergeant Astel and his intellectual match in Claire Maxwell, a strong-willed--and attractive--CPS lawyer. Armed with a self-effacing manner and a lively sense of humour, he soon proves his worth as a detective. But can Nicky juggle the demands of the Tyneside Police, a surrogate family and a new relationship

55 Degrees North Series 1 & 2 DVD 2004 UJUSTHTXI

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