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Great brightness and high CRI, spotlight up to 24920lux ; floodlight up to 7230 lux CRI 90+, featuring natural color.Brightness Adjustable and Color Temperature changeable: an ultra-smooth dimmer wheel to change intensity from 0 to 100%; included gel is for you to change your color temperature from 5600K to 3500k.90-240V Power Options: the FC-500A supports a wide-range of powering solutions. FC-500A can be powered by a (12-24)V automotive battery, Sony V-Mount battery or other options within 90-240V is also available.There is a hole for umbrella soft reflection and other kinds of accessories' usage.Package include: [1PC] 50W LED Light [1PC] barn door [1PC] Adapter [1PC] Adapter cable [1PC] Color temperature gel

Description: FC-500A is a camera video continuous light, featuring great brightness, high CRI90+ and a stable working system with a rapid natural heat dissipation. You can adjust the brightness and change the color temperature. You can also adjust the lighting beam angles by rotating the beam angle wheel from 5 to 55 degree. FC-500A can be powered by AC90-240/DC14-24V. There is a hole for umbrella soft reflection and other kinds of accessories' usage (FC-500D/A). And FB-800G is designed with a Bowen's standard mount, so that you can use your kinds of lighting accessories, such as softbox and honeycomb grid.

Model: FC-500A
Power consumption: 50W
Work temperature: -20-40
Cooling system: natural heat dissipation
Color rendering index (CRI): 90+
TLCI: 90+
Focus angle: 5-55 degree
Color temperature: 5600
Filter color temperature: 3500
Dimming range: 0-100%
Packing size: (28*27.5*18.5) cm
Weight (KG): 3.8
Power: Sony V-mount battery, 12V and 24V battery port
Brightness testing results: Spotlight up to 24920lux ;Floodlight up to 7230 lux .

500A CRI 3200 5500K 50W LED Spotlight V-Mount for video camera photography lighting continuous light CYSVIKVQY

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