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3-year manufacturer's warrantyCompatible ink cartridge-Photo Black C9370A 72for 130ml.Alternative product-it is not original;Compatible with HP C9370A 72. simply insert and print.Toner Cartridge from the office line series.

Compatible Ink Cartridge for HP C9370A 72-Photo Black to match your system or your style.
From the high quality office line series-Ink Cartridge for particularly demanding image quality even under high Druckauslastung.
Compatible Sealed and tested ink cartridge on the market. The ink is produced according to DIN standards and tested to ensure print quality and colour intensity. Print quality and use like the original but so much less expensive.
Compatible HP C9370A 72Ink Cartridge-Photo Black to match your system or your style.
Compatible with the following models:
HP Designjet T: Designjet T 110024Inch/Designjet T 110044Inch/Designjet T 1100MFP/Designjet T 1100PS 24Inch/Designjet T 1100PS 44Inch/Designjet T 1100Series/Designjet T 112024Inch/Designjet T 112044Inch/Designjet T 1120HD/Designjet T 1120PS 24Inch/Designjet T 1120PS 44Inch /Designjet T 1120SD/Designjet T 1120Series/Designjet T 1200/Designjet T 1200HD/Designjet T 1200PS/Designjet T 1200Series/Designjet T 1300/Designjet T 130044Inch/Designjet T 1300PS/Designjet T 1300Series/Designjet T 2300eMFP/Designjet T 2300PS eMFP/Designjet T 2300Series/Designjet T 61024Inch/Designjet T 61044Inch/Designjet T 610Series/Designjet T 620/Designjet T 770/Designjet T 770Hard Disk/Designjet T 770Series/Designjet T 790/Designjet T 79024Inch/Designjet T 79044Inch/Designjet T 790PS 24Inch/Designjet T 790PS 44Inch/Designjet T 795/
1x ink cartridge photo black (C9370A)-130ml.
Cartridge from the high quality office line series
Additional Notes
Instantly despatched within 1-2days.
3year guarantee (see our warranty statement).

5 x SMCO Black Ribbons Cartridge For EPSON P88EA-LQ800 LQ950 SLFRQMBAZ

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