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Screen protector for Leica Q - Made in Germany!Disturbing influences, such as light sources, etc. are scattered with this screen protector.Extreme stability and ideal edge adhesion - slipping impossible.No reduction in display quality, no handling interference.Delivery including Multilingual and imaged application instruction sheet.

SWIDO® Anti-Reflective Screen Protector for Leica Q
Glare-free, hard-coated, developed for long-term use!

The SWIDO® Anti-Reflective Screen Protector is a newly developed protection film wich is optimised for touch displays and has an innovative anti-reflection coating, wich reduces disturbing reflections caused by the sun or any other light source.
This Screen Protector can be used on resistive and capacitive displays without affecting the handling of the device and because of the special material that this Screen Protector is made of we can guarantee that your mobile device will be well protected against scratches and dirt on the long run without having to renew the Screen Protector constantly.

Special Features:
extremly scratch-proof
easy bubble free application
fat repellent surface
antistatic non-adherance coating
perfect frame adhesive strength
perfect form stability
removes without residue

Due to the special undercoating an application tool is not needed!

included in delivery:
4 x SWIDO® Anti-Reflective Screen Protector
1 x Multilingual and imaged application instruction sheet

4 x SWIDO Screen Protection Film Leica Q Screen Protection AntiReflex anti-glare OAQLIZLNH

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