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3-year manufacturer's warrantyXL ink saver Bundle (all colours) for approx. 480pages at 5% coverageCompatible Printer Accessories-Not an Original.Compatible with HP 338+ 343, optimale prints with no compromises.Compatible ink cartridges, can be used in the same way as the original.

Alternative Printer Accessory.
Printer Accessory with a 3-year warranty (see warranty declaration) For Giving You Peace Of Mind In printing.
By using the high quality products from the house of 123COLOR so if you have no loss of valuable Printer Warranty and enjoy all the benefits with no compromises.
Ink Pack (Compatible) HP338+ HP 343.
Compatible Ink Sealed and tested on the market. The ink cartridges are produced according to DIN standards and tested to ensure print quality and colour intensity. Print quality and use as the original.
Complete. HP 338+ 343set
Compatible with the following models:
HP Officejet 1006205/6210/6210V/6210XI/6215/72107210XI 7300Series, 7310, 7310XI 7400Series 74107410XI K 7100H 470H 470Height: 470BT Height 470WBT H 470WF Officejet Pro K 7100
HP Photosmart: 2600Series 2605260826102610XI 26152700Series 27102710XI 7800Series 78507850V/7850XI 8000Series 8030804980508050V 8050XI 8100Series 81508150V 8150XI 8400Series 84508450GP 8450V 8450XI C 3100Series C 3110°C 3125°C 3135°C 3140°C 3150°C 3170°C 3175°C 3180°C 3185°C 3190°C 3194Pro B 8300Series Pro B 8330Pro B 8350
HP PSC: PSC 1500Series PSC 1510PSC 1510S PSC 1510XI PSC 1513S PSC 1600Series PSC 1603PSC 1610PSC 1610V PSC 1610XI PSC 1615PSC 1618PSC 2300Series PSC 2350/PSC 2355PSC 2355P PSC 2355V PSC 2355XI PSC 2600Series PSC 2610PSC 2710
Contents: Black = 22ml, Colour = 21ml
For giving you peace of mind in printers experience.
Save on the price does not have the quality.

2x Eurotone Cartridges for HP D 1455 1530 1560 2345 2430 replaces 21XL BK Black Set IESJBLZAM

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