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Colour: Black
Material: ABS + silicone keys
Size: Length 13.9CM, Width 4.2CM, Thickness 2.8CM
Power supply: 2 * AAA batteries (not included)
Number of keys: 15 keys
Frequency range: 2.400ghz ~ 2.483ghz
Working range: 10 meters
Frequency tolerance: ± 30ppm
Transmission rate: 1M bits/ sec
Photoelectric resolution: 2000dpi

Cursor speed adjustment:
Pressthe remote control's left and rightdirection keys for more than 3 seconds, you can change the speed of the cursor; cursor speed is divided into two levels, fast and slow; default for the slow level after booting; press the left and right key simultaneously and you can switch it.
Match code:
Insert the USB receiver into the host, press and hold the OK key and return key for 3 seconds, then let go, the indicator light will flash. Now, start code mataching. The indicator light will be always on, which meansit's connected.If it still flashes, please re-operate.
Correction method:
1. Remove the battery, hold down the left and rightdirection keys and put on the battery, the light will flash;
2. Put the remote control on the desktop and release the left and rightdirection keys, LEDwill bealways on. Then, press the OK key, LED will be off. Now, start correction;
3. Hold still.If the LED is bright again, it meansthe correction is successful.
Dormancy awakening:
Press any key and you canwake the handle up when it is in shutdown state; press the power key for 3 seconds and you can let the handle sleep when it's in startup state;the handle will automaticallyshutdown when it's unused for 15 seconds.

Ergonomic design;
Smart anti-shake algorithm;
6-axis air mouse;
Support motion sensing games, traditional games, and for Android games
Positioning for the smart TV, set-top boxes and other human-computer interaction equipments,
The UI is operated by pressing the keys and the mouse, and

2 4GHz Mini Air Mouse T2 Gyroscope Wireless Keyboard For Android Black LEURBIMCU

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